Wayne Manor was the ancestral home of Bruce Wayne. He was raised there from birth, first by his father, Thomas, and mother, Martha, and after their death, by his butler and surrogate father, Alfred Pennyworth.

Several hidden entrances led to the Batcave, which rested underground and was beneath Wayne Manor.


Burton filmsEdit


In the 1989 film, Batman, Vicki Vale and Alexander Knox attended a benefit at Wayne Manor, where Bruce was taken by Vicki's charm.

Batman ReturnsEdit

In the 1992 sequel, Batman Returns, the passage way to the Batcave was uncovered by turning on the lights of a miniature Wayne Manor in a nearby aquarium and dropping through a false floor in an iron maiden.

Schumacher filmsEdit

Batman ForeverEdit

In the 1995 film, Batman Forever, Dick Grayson discovered an entrance to the Batcave that was concealed behind a silverware storage cupboard.

Batman & RobinEdit

In the 1997 sequel, Batman & Robin, Barbara Wilson, Alfred's niece, made a surprise visit and was invited to stay at Wayne Manor until she returned to college.


Batman ReturnsEdit
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Behind the scenesEdit

Background information and notesEdit

For the exterior shots of Wayne Manor in Batman, Knebworth House, a Gothic Tudor mansion that was 28 miles north of London, was used. The interior shots, however, were shot at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire; the gaming room from the film used the mansion's long gallery, and the marble hall was used for Bruce's 'arsenal' with the two-way mirror.

In Batman Returns, a scale model was used for the exteriors of Wayne Manor.
In response to the noted iron maiden entrance to the Batcave, director Tim Burton remarked: "The iron maiden is a torture device, so you know, him being a tortured individual, you could see him connecting to that on some level emotionally and I thought it would be a good image."

In Schumacher' films, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, the Webb Institute in Glen Cove, New York was used for the exterior shots of Wayne Manor.


The notion of opening a secret door to their hideout using a submerged model building in a fish tank reappeared in Red Robin #25, where Tim Drake used the ploy to access his new headquarters in Gotham.


  • A majority of Wayne Manor's rooms had large mirrors which hid surveillance cameras for Bruce to keep an eye on key guests during his galas and balls.
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