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While the Riddler and his henchmen escort King Boris and his booby-trapped statue back to Gotham, Batman and Robin manage to free themselves from the giant generator that threatens to spin them to death. Believing his foes to be dead, the Riddler places the statue and his explosive content inside the museum, and then informs Commissioner Gordon that he will destroy the Queen of Freedom Monument unless he receives the sum of one million dollars. Gordon turns to his good friend Bruce Wayne, who visits his office with the cash, just in time to see "Batman" climb through Gordon's window (It's Riddler's henchman Whitey in disguise). Bruce introduces himself to "Batman", and crunches his hand with a handshake. "Batman" suggests a plan to capture the Riddler, and Bruce tells Gordon to go along with it. The Riddler rejoices in his underground lair, cackling at his own brilliance.

Gordon calls Batman on the hotline to inform him of the fake Batman who visited his office, and Batman praises his ability to go along with the ruse. In the Batcave, Batman and Robin figure out the answer to the Riddler's last riddle, and rush to Gotham City.

The Riddler and his River Rats break into the museum to retrieve the bag of cash. The Riddler goes to defuse the bomb, but to his shock the statue has vanished, replaced with a riddle intended just for him, "What squeals louder than a caught rat? Answer: several caught rats". The Riddler is stunned to learn he has been out-riddled. In a panic, he opens the bag of cash, which erupts in a flash of colored gas, foiling him with his own trick. Batman and Robin emerge from hiding, further stupefying the Riddler, who believed them to be dead. A Batfight ensues. Mousey watches with curiosity from a balcony, but the outcome is never in dispute and she is quickly apprehended by Gotham police. Before being carted away, Mousey makes a pass at Batman, but he walks away, disinterested.

Later, at Wayne Manor, Aunt Harriet invites Bruce and Dick to come along on a visit to the museum, but they turn her down, clearly having had enough of the place.


Batman versus The Mad Hatter





  • What is it that is always coming but never arrives? (Tomorrow, for when it arrives it is Today.)
  • What squeals louder than a caught rat? (Several caught rats.)
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