"Oracle, Strange is launching missile strikes on Arkham City from Wonder Tower."

Wonder Tower was the headquarters of Hugo Strange in Batman: Arkham City, and was the location of Shiva's Test of Worth in Batman: Arkham Origins.



Centuries before the events within Arkham City, the legendary Wonder City was built by Ra's al Ghul in effort to purge Gotham City from the plague of crime. After Wonder City's completion, Ra's began to work on his crown jewel: Wonder Tower. Standing high above Wonder City was the great tower, a monument of prosperity, but it was also part of Ra's' experiments with a life-replenishing compound that he later named Lazarus.

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

In the prequel to both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, the base of Wonder Tower was used for the final act of Shiva's Test of Worth, where she -along with various Ninjas and Martial Artists- attacked Batman. After Batman completed the "test", Shiva disappeared, and said that Gotham "won't be saved, only cleansed - and from the ashes reborn".

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

"You wish to die here, Mr. Wayne? That can be arranged."
―Hugo Strange[src]

Nine years later, Wonder Tower was utilized by Hugo Strange as his base of operations within the massive prison facility, Arkham City. Primarily, Strange operated from the Security Control Center of the tower: commanding TYGER and monitoring the inmates' activities.

After the activation of Protocol 10, Batman managed to download the Master Control Program from a TYGER Helicopter. With the assistance of Oracle, Batman was able to reach Wonder Tower's foundations. The Dark Knight took out the patrolling TYGER Guards, eventually reaching the Observation Deck, and taking down another team of Strange's operatives. Batman finally breached the Security Control Center, confronting Strange, and giving Oracle access to the system so as to shut down Protocol 10. Just as Strange claimed that Batman hadn't defeated him, Ra's Al Ghul (the mastermind behind the entire plot), appeared, and -with his sword- impaled a boastful Strange through his chest as punishment for his failure. As he died, Strange ordered the activation of Protocol 11, which was a self-destruct sequence for Wonder Tower.


  • In the elevator to the Observation Deck, there were two advertising posters. One for The Cyrus Pinkney Institute of Natural History and another for Wonder City itself.
  • One of the Political Prisoners who fell victim to Deadshot was involved in the construction of Wonder Tower.
  • The Wonder Tower Security Control Center appeared as a Challenge Map that was called "Top of the World."
  • After the explosion, the Observation Deck was still reachable via the elevator at Wonder Tower Foundations, and the Security Control Center was only accessible by using a glitch.
  • In Arkham Origins, you could not access the Security Control Center at the top of Wonder Tower or Wonder City, but there was an elevator that had a Wonder City sign inside it, along with a sign that advertised the Museum from Arkham City.
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