Yasemin, was one of the fewest and newest members of the Suicide Squad.


Birds of Prey

Yasemin was a mob boss who was a one-time antagonist of the Birds of Prey. When she attacked Huntress, Helena threatened to throw her off a building. She was, however, stopped by Black Canary.

Suicide Squad

After leaving, she joined the Suicide Squad as their new shooter. After failing a mission, she was looked down upon by the Squad. Later, she joined in the fight against the Secret Six. Confronting Deadshot, she found, was a mistake. Deadshot shoots her, instantly killing her.

Blackest Night

She is resurrected as a Black Lantern, and fights the Six and the Squad. The connection to her ring is severed when Amanda Waller detonates her Manhunter robot in front of the Black Lanterns.

Powers and abilities

  • Expert Marksmen
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